My Bike: Part 1 – Stem

I’ve decided to start documenting my bike, bit by bit, throughout the weeks and months, with upgrades and rides, and crashes. Basically anything that happens to me and my bike.


My bike is a 2013 Raleigh Revenio 3.0, with many upgrades, and I will start with one of the parts that I will probably never change. The stem.


Stem: 3T ARX Team

My bike came with a stem, of course, it must come with one to hold the handle bars! It was a Raleigh brand called “Avenir” and it did its job. It was fine, but I started to shed weight off of my bike, and the Avenir stem weighed a lot. So I decided to upgrade, and with gift cards I went out and purchased the 3T ARX Team.

While it may be really “weight weenie” of me, I just wanted a part that will always be good, and it is! The weight listed on 3T’s website is 125g (110mm), I purchased the 100mm so it will be lighter. Another reason I purchased it is because out of all the stems I saw it definitely looked the best, with its glossy red stripe down the side…. How could I resist? I plan on making my bike full of 3T parts, but I do not have the funds available for that…. Oh well!

Looks like there might be a lot of these then. Damn.


Mmmmm….. Sexy.


It has titanium bolts, which are very light, but. This is a big but. Be extremely careful with titanium bolts. Buy a torque key, because if not and over tightening happens, they can easily sheer and fly into your eye. So get a torque key, it’s one of the best tools to have!


Bike in progress:

Stem: 3T ARX Team – 125g


Total Weight: 125g

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